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COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS General Maintenance Supervisor in STERLING, Colorado

TITLE: General Maintenance Supervisor CSTS I++A residency waiver has been granted for this announcement. Applicationswill be considered from residents and non-residents of Colorado.++REQUIREMENTS:Minimum Qualifications:**Experience must be clearly described within the work experience section ofyour application to meet this requirement.Four (4) years of employment experience in building/equipmentmaintenance or a combination of building and grounds maintenance.Building/Equipment Maintenance - includes planning, estimating andperforming a variety of "hands on" trades such as carpentry, plumbing,welding, machinery/equipment repair and/or electrical on residential,commercial or agricultural structures.Grounds Maintenance - includes planning, installation and/or maintenanceof automated irrigation systems, comprehensive lawn care and a variety ofother exterior work such as concrete work, asphalt patching, fencebuilding and/or snow removal.ORApplicant may meet the four (4) year requirement with a combination ofwork experience as follows:A minimum of two (2) years of employment experience as described above maybe combined with correctional experience. (If you are using correctionalexperience, be sure to include details in the 'Work Experience' sectionof the application)Correctional Experience - must be security related duties where primaryresponsibilities included detaining, controlling movement and escortinginmates in a prison facility; conducting counts and searches whilemonitoring inmate assignments and movement throughout the day.Substitutions:Successful completion of a formalized apprenticeship program or degree throughan accredited, non- correspondence vocational or trade school that resultedin demonstrated competencies equivalent to those learned through the requiredexperience may substitute for experience on a year for year basis. Pleaseattach transcripts if you are using this substitution. Transcripts mustinclude the name of the institution, your student ID #, a listing of thecourse curriculum, the degree earned and the date awarded. - High School Diploma or a GED certificate. - Must be 21 years of age, have no felony convictions or domestic violencehistory, and possess a valid, unrestricted driver's license. - Strong work ethic, integrity and dependability; - Sound judgment and decision making skills; - Self control, strong sense of ability to work in stressful situations; - Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively cooperate withother staff members and inspire teamwork; - Ability to verbally communicate clearly and willingness to do sorespectfully;++See Full Job Announcement for full detail of required competencies andconditions of employment""PREFERRED SKILLS: Preferred Qualifications: (Candidates may receivehigher ratings for possessing preferred qualifications criteria).Related Building/Equipment or Grounds Maintenance employment experiencewithin the last 5 years;Project Management employment experience;Supervisory ExperienceWAGE: $4,676.00 MonthlyBENEFITS: - Distinctive career advancement opportunities throughout the state system; - Retirement benefits including PERA Defined Benefit Plan, PERA Defined - - Contribution Plan, plus 401K and 457 plans; - Medical and dental health plans; - Paid life insurance; - Short and long-term disability coverage; - 10 paid holidays per year plus vacation and sick time; - Training opportunities and more.DAYS/HOURS: Full time positions - working various shifts (holidays,weekends, mornings, afternoons, and graveyards)may be required.Positions are subject to working additional hours and/or shifts to maintainsafety and security.DUTIES:Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to: ensuring the safetyand security of the general public, staff and inmates; training andoverseeing an inmate work crew in general building trades, groundsmaintenance, and janitorial operations and ensuring the safe, efficientand compliant completion of assigned tasks.-Safety and Secur