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Heart Of The Rockies Regional Medical Center Maintenance Technician in Salida, Colorado

Job Title:Maintenance TechnicianDuties:1. Documents various logs and safety data including some computer data entry.2. Visually inspects and tests machinery and equipment.3. Listens for unusual sounds from machines or equipment to detect malfunctionand discusses machine operation variations with supervisors or othermaintenance workers to diagnose problem or repair machine.4. Dismantles defective machines and equipment and installs new or repairedparts.5. Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears, and other parts ofmachinery.6. Installs and repairs electrical apparatus, including but not limited tolights, light bulbs, transformers and wiring, electrical and electroniccomponents of machinery and equipment.7. Lays out, assembles, installs, and maintains pipe systems and relatedhydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and repairs and replaces gauges,valves, pressure regulators, and related equipment.8. Repairs and maintains physical structure of establishment including but notlimited to patching and painting of wall and ceiling surfaces.9. Installs, programs, or repairs automated machinery and equipment suchas robots or programmable controllers.10. Sets up and operates machine tools such as lathe, grinder, drill,and milling machine to repair or fabricate machine parts, jigs andfixtures, and tools.11. Operates cutting torch or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.12. Visually inspects and tests HVAC, boiler systems and all types ofheating/cooling distribution systems, machinery and equipment.13. Fabricates, builds, installs and repairs cabinets, counters,benches, partitions, floors, doors, trim, ceilings, floors, wallcoverings, windows, window coverings, building framework and other structures.14. Perform basic concrete work including formwork.15. Maintains grounds by mowing planting various plants, cutting andtrimming bushes, vines, and lawns, watering, applications of variousinsecticides and fertilizer, snow and ice removal, andrepairing/maintaining parking lots and walkways.16. Cleans work and public areas after each work assignment and at the end ofeach workday.17. Meets and/or exceeds all safety practices and procedures.18. If assigned by the supervisor, is available to perform on-callmaintenance duties and respond to other functions, which include jobs suchas transportation, security to maintain adequate operations of the hospital.19. Actively participates in the HRRMC Organizational Strategic planRequirements of the job:Must be at least 18 years of age; must be able to pass background check anddrug test; must have drivers license; EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:High school education: GED or high school diploma preferred;12 monthsrelated experience and/or training.1. Proficient in all regulatory compliances i.e., UBC, Plumbing, NFPA,OSHA, JCAHO, and etc., and effectively maintain facility buildings andequipment under compliance and/or mandates using corrective and preventativemaintenance practices. 2. Proficient in electrical systems, wiring, andconduit to install, repair and maintain electrical systems in relations withHVAC, boiler systems and all types of heating/cooling distribution systemsand be proficient in both application of testing and calibration equipment.3. Proficient in plumbing and plumbing systems to install, repair andmaintain plumbing systems and steam/hot water distribution systems.4. Proficient in sterilizers, sterilizing cleaning equipment, steamdistribution systems hydraulic, pneumatic and computer-controlled systemsrelated to the above systems and related components. Also must be proficientin closed loop heating/cooling systems and related components.Wages and how often paid:Pay is negotiable per hour; paid bi-weekly.Benefits:HRRMC offers health benefits including: medical, dental and vision, alsooffer matched retirement benefits.Shift days and hours to be worked:This is a permanent full time position; 40 hours per week; days and hoursworked will be determined by employer. This position will include