Pueblo City County Library Assistant Facilities Superintendent in Pueblo, Colorado

Assistant Facilities SuperintendentThe purpose of the Assistant Facilities Superintendent is to create a positivelibrary experience for customers and employees by creating a welcoming andsafe environment. This is accomplished by repairing and maintaining thebuildings, equipment, and grounds for the Library District and by workingunder the direction of the Facilities Superintendent to lead the repair andmaintenance of library facilities, grounds and buildings. This positionserves both internal and external customers in responding to facilitiesmaintenance requests.RelationshipsThe Assistant Facilities Superintendent reports to the FacilitiesSuperintendent and works both independently and as a team member of thedepartment. The Assistant Superintendent may direct the work of otherfacilities personnel on building maintenance, grounds, and repair projectsin the absence of the Superintendent or as directed by the Superintendent.Under the direction of the Superintendent, this position will build goodworking relationships with construction and building maintenance vendors. Thisposition provides direct customer service to both internal and externalcustomers demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively with peopleregardless of age, race, sexual orientation, ability level or background.PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Leads or directs a work as directed by the Superintendent. This includesassigning work orders and establishing and maintaining building accesses. Serves as Superintendent in the absence of the Superintendent. On call to respond to building needs and emergencies 24 hours per day, 7days per week. Assists the Superintendent in directing the setup of meeting rooms forlibrary staff and organizations using the meeting rooms. Repairs and maintains physical structures, equipment, and grounds ofall library locations. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in using tools,safety equipment, power tools and machinery. Performs electrical maintenance and repairs, changes out fuses and otherelectrical components. Installs lighting, security equipment and otherelectrical equipment. Repairs plumbing equipment and fixtures for water, steam, sewage,lawn and fire sprinkler systems. Repairs pipes and replaces washers,gaskets, filters and other components. Completes general building maintenance duties, repairs interior walls,flooring, and paints. Operates snow removal equipment, shovels walkways to ensure safe accessto buildings and parking lots. Assists in maintaining heating and air conditioning systems. Works closelywith HVAC vendors. Moves storage boxes, books, furniture and equipment when needed. Works as a member of the facilities department, participating in planningand the implementation of appropriate procedures and programs as required. Works closely with contractors and may oversee the management of contractedservices. Will assist in reviewing bids, selecting providers and ensuringservices are performed in accordance with contracts. Contracted services mayinclude janitorial, snow removal, lawn care, building mechanical, firepanel monitoring and other contracted services. Investigates issues andresolves performance problems.OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES May serve on library committees and special projects. Performs other duties as assigned.QUALIFICATIONSEducation and Experience: High School diploma or equivalent. College or vocational course work ingeneral mechanics or electrical engineering preferred. Minimum of four years' experience in skilled building trades. Licensed or certified in at least one of the following: carpentry,plumbing, electrical, mechanical or HVAC.Skills and Abilities: Able to work evenings and weekends as needed on an on-call basis. Mathematical aptitude with ability to measure and use computations used incalculations of specifications for building projects. Demonstrated proficiency in a skilled trade. Ability to design and specify materials requirements for a variety ofprojects and to perform high-level