Colorado Department Of Transportation Highway Maintenance Worker I in Nucla, Colorado

JOB TITLE: Highway Maintenance Worker I-Nucla, ColoradoDUTIES:Major Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:Heavy Construction Trades/Physical Labor:1. Haul and spread sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt and clay to fillwashouts, roadway cracks, berms, and repair road shoulders;2. Inspect, clean, and repair drainage systems, bridges, tunnels,and other structures;3. Install and/or repair guardrails, highway markers, warning signals,and highway lighting, using hand tools and power tools;4. Perform rockfall mitigation and avalanche control, such as trafficcontrol and snow removal from slide areas;5. Remove litter, hazardous objects and debris from roadways, such asrock, mud and/or deceased animals;6. Cut grass, dig ditches, empty litter barrels, pick up trash;7. Assist in signing and striping highways, such as maintaining pavementmarkings and re-installing traffic signage;8. Respond to emergencies by following prescribed procedures such as stoppingor slowing traffic, operating emergency vehicles, etc.;9. Set out signs and cones for "traffic control safe zones" around workareas to divert traffic;10. Graffiti control, sand blasting, remove paint over walls, bridgesand signs and using pressure washers, airless paint sprayers;11. Other duties as assigned.Heavy Equipment Operation:1. Drive trucks or tractors with adjustable attachments to sweep debris frompaved surfaces, mow grass and weeds;2. Minor maintenance and repair of equipment;3. Snow plow and ice removal at all hours to keep roadways clear and safe;4. Other duties as assigned.Work Environment:Exposure to loud noiseExposure to fumes, odors, gasses, dusts, etc. that may affectbreathing, eyes and skinRequired to use appropriate personal protective equipment as neededRequired to work with chemicals and cleaning productsSome equipment requires the use of respiratorsWork in close proximity to heavy trafficUse of ladders and scissor lifts for heights of approximately 10 - 20'Required to drive CDOT vehiclesSome of the positions are NIGHTS ONLY and others are WEEKEND positionsFrequently responds to emergencies outsider regular work hours and may workovertime including weekends and holidaysMust be willing and be physically able to work in extreme temperatures (hotand cold), variable weather conditions, and at varying elevations up to12,000 feet for long periods of time.OTHER REQUIREMENTS:Necessary Special Requirements: The following conditions must be met andmaintained in order to be employed and to continue employment at CDOT in thisposition, unless exempted by the Maintenance Superintendent or TrafficProgram Engineer.1. May be required to pass a controlled substance test (i.e. drug test),and DOT physical through our medical provider.2. Must be willing to respond to emergencies outside regular work hours andwork overtime including weekends and holidays.3. Must provide the supervisor with a telephone number where you can bereached for the purposes of responding to an emergency.4. May be required to live within thirty (30) minutes' driving time,under normal weather conditions, of where the work station and/orequipment is located. This is necessary in order to report to work in a timelymanner in emergency situations. Knowledge of an emergency or hazardouscondition may be considered to be notification to report to work station.ADDITIONAL REQUIRED INFORMATION:Complete Applications must include the following documents:1) A complete CDOT Application for Announced Vacancy (please submit onlineusing the link in this announcement)2) A complete Supplemental Questionnaire (must submit online as part ofyour application)3) To verify CDL Licensure: A photocopy or picture of your currentColorado CDL license and a copy of your valid DOT medical card.A copy of the CDL License and DOT medical card needs to be attached to youron-line application or sent to no later than 2 calendar days after theannouncement close date:Colorado Department of TransportationWorkforce Staffing2829 W. Howard