Mobile Staffing Solutions Demolition Worker in Lakewood, Colorado

Demolition workers perform varied daily job duties depending on the demolitionwork that needs to be done, the size of the construction crew they workwith, and the machinery and tools available to them. These core job tasks,however, are essentially the same everywhere:Perform Demolition of JobsitesDemolition workers use tools and manual labor to remove unsound structures,mold-damaged carpeting and flooring, and other building materials thatcannot be restored or repaired. This includes breaking up concrete, removingroofs, and tearing down walls.Clean Up JobsitesDemolition workers clean up and remove all hazardous materials and debris fromjobsites.Control TrafficDemolition workers control traffic by placing traffic control signs andphysically directing cars away from jobsites and debris areas.Assist Heavy Equipment OperatorsDemolition workers provide assistance to heavy equipment operators, helpingthem place attachments on and move equipment. This also includes signalingheavy equipment operators to help them position vehicles and machinery.Operate EquipmentDemolition workers operate pumps to remove water, run generators to provideelectricity, and use other equipment to facilitate demolition work.Load and Unload MaterialsDemolition workers unload tools and equipment from trucks and load trash intovehicles and dumpsters to be hauled away.Clean Tools and EquipmentDemolition workers clean all tools and equipment used at jobsites. Thisincludes performing general maintenance on tools and equipment, such asreplacing broken parts and refueling gas-powered vehicles.Maintain All Safety StandardsDemolition workers maintain personal and workplace safety at all times bywearing proper protective equipment and adhering to all safety protocols. Somedemolition jobs require the use of explosives, which means safety must beparamount at all times and all protocols must be followed to the letter.Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, TemporarySalary: $11.00 to $13.00 /hour