Cureton Midstream Gas Plant Operator in Keenesburg, Colorado

TEAM I INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVEAs an integral part of the Gas Operations Group, the goal as individuals ina team environment will be to contribute toward making Cureton Midstream,LLC a top tier provider of gathering, processing, and transportationservices in North America. Our Gas Plant Operators will strive to do so dailyby carrying out their role in a safe, efficient and reliable manner to bringenhanced value to our customers, fellow employees and our investors.ROLE (JOB SUMMARY)Efficiently and effectively operate and maintain all Gas Plant facilitiesthrough activities as described below. The Gas Plant Operator will perform allactivities Safely and with Environmentally Sound practices, while working inthe primary capacity of pipeline operations and maintenance.PRIMARY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Additional dutiesmay be assigned or required in order to assist and/or back-up other teammembers in the pipeline department, as well as those in other CuretonMidstream, LLC departments. Gas / Process Quality, ALL LIQUID AND GAS STREAMS ARE WITHIN SPEC Gas Chromatograph Operation, to ensure working properly, andimmediate notification if otherwise Load Rack Efficiency, including safe / proper procedure, withenvironmental awareness (no spills) Truck Loading / Ticketing Manage Inventoryo Ethylene Glycolo Filterso Methanolo NGL's Expert knowledge in the following systemso Propane Refrigerationo Cryogenic planto Condensate Stabilizationo Gas and electric motor driven compressorso Electrical distributiono Control Systemo Gathering, NGL, and Residue Gas pipeline operations Manage Incoming Pig Operation; Recognition of Schedule / Receiving/ Documentation Maximize Plant Throughput Efficiencies MOC's, Recognition of need and facilitation of proper protocol PSM Compliance Pump Maintenance Valve Inspections and Maintenance - At specified time frames, alongwith appropriate documentation Starting / Stopping of all Plant Equipment Lead Operator has the additional responsibility of maximizing theeffectiveness of the processing operation on a day to day basis to ensurecompliance with process specifications and maximize recoveries Overseeing labor, materials and equipment Will be required to support running shift in absence of Plant Manager The duties of a Cureton Midstream lead plant operator will include:monitoring and operating equipment, observing and documenting processtemperatures, pressures, levels, and flow gauges Cleaning, maintaining, and repairing equipment to include controlvalves, compressor valves, minor pipe repair, flange gasket changes,y-strainers and process screens (witches hats) Readings for plant operation will be taken at least three times daily Understand and perform Lock out/Tag out procedures Must be able to lift and carry 50lbs and climb ladder Additional duties and responsibilities to be defined Must be able to read, write, and communicate in English Must be able to operator computer 21+ years of age for insurance purposes EXPECTATION EXAMPLES (NOT DESIGNED AS ALL INCLUSIVE, OR AS LIMITATIONS)All employees will work within the parameters described in the CuretonMidstream, LLC Mission and Safety and Environmental Policies, whilecarrying out their individual and team responsibilities. All responsibilitieswill be performed based on procedures and guidelines as set forth by thefollowing: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, for the most part covered in:o Company Health, Safety and Environmental Written Programs Process Safety Management, as applicable Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety Regulationsfor the most part covered in:o Company Operations & Maintenance and Incident Response Manualso Operator Qualification Guidelines, as applicableNo employee will be expected to work beyond his / her individualcapabilities and will be expected to seek and ask for assistance when suchoccurs, or as needed for clarification."OTHER" DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES