In the Elevate Program we are looking for driven, ambitious, driven leaders who are interested in learning more about the poultry industry, what it takes to effectively manage by the company’s vision, how to improve organizational effectiveness by showing exemplary leadership and maintaining the organization’s core values. Successful candidates make contributions to their career advancement and organizational goals and practices to build a strong workforce.

Individuals holding this position will be expected to learn to develop strategies that will meet the organization’s goal/goals, help manage daily activities of workers for the growth of the organization, making necessary observations on the job and suggesting solutions to emerging problems.

Elevate Program Leaders have a good understanding of the needs of each staff working under them and communicate these needs to ensure that all required items are provided to ensure successful operations. The leader plays the role that will manage and evaluate every aspect of work done by an operations team.

Elevate Program Leaders work in diverse places and perform various duties in order to learn the various management positions that open within the organization.

  • Learn to assess the company’s performance and production activities in order to be responsible for improving performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability through the implementation of effective methods and strategies.

  • Adequate knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operational management

  • Adequate knowledge of budget development and oversight experience

  • High level of manufacturing experience and exposure

  • Working knowledge of budgets, forecasting and metrics, KPI’s

  • Facilitate interactions between the internal team and as needed, external teams for the overall success of the organization

  • Learn to or help to create the procedures and the specifications to follow for the execution of projects in the organization, and specify product requirements for operational success

  • Assign tasks to team members in such a way that the more pressing tasks are completed first

  • Mentor team members with knowledge of developing trends in order to build a highly skilled department

  • Ensure that members of the operations team adhere to company rules and work ethics

  • Coordinate transactional operations and monitor ongoing business processes in the organization.

  • Ability to understand the workings of new operating systems

  • Ability to engage in multiple assignments concurrently and complete them error free

  • Have strong managerial ability to lead a team to success

  • Have strong ability to make good decisions

  • Be safety cautious

  • Be willing to learn all aspects of the business from live operations to plant processing

  • Must demonstrate and understanding of balance between people and production

  • THE PERSON/PERSONS WILL BE EXPECTED TO GRADUATE FROM THIS PROGRAM WITHIN 8-12 MONTHS!!! Upon graduation, the person/persons will be expected to take their qualified upper management position at a location based on needs of the business and skill set of the individuals.


Bachelor’s Degree required with a minimum of 5-8 years of operational management/leadership in a manufacturing environment/industry. MBA is preferred not required.

Ambitious/Goal/Career Oriented Individuals looking to grow within an organization that strives for company values, vision and continuous career advancement/growth.

Ability to relocate if necessary

Ability to work any hours as needed