Energes Services MIT in Greeley, Colorado

The MIT Division - Field Technician position is an entry level positionthat focuses on environmental concerns and the mechanical integrity repair andtroubleshooting of oilfield production equipment. The position focuses onsafety, equipment processes and systems, in addition to regulatoryconcerns with respect to the environment to community interaction, etc.Duties and ResponsibilitiesThe duties and responsibilities of this position are summarized below.However, these duties and responsibilities are a summary only and are notentirely inclusive of the job description. The duties and responsibilities canbe added to, amended, or detracted at any time, depending on the scopeof work needed for the customer:The summary of the duties and responsibilities is as follows: Applicant must be familiar with and have a functional knowledge, withat least 6 months experience, working around, in, or on oilfieldproduction equipment. Applicant must be able to read, write, and speak the Englishlanguage as this position is considered a safety sensitive position. Applicant must have the ability to accurately record times, testsdates, pressure settings, inventory control numbers, etc., as itrelates to the scope of work, on a daily basis. Applicant must be able to work safely at all times, in various weatherconditions, lighting areas, cramped spaces, etc. Applicant must be ableto work without incident, and follow safety procedures, protocols, andpolicies Applicant must be willing to work in a team environment, and attimes, with minimal supervision. Applicant must have the ability to communicate clearly, concisely,honestly, and be able to record facts as they occur, and report them in atimely fashion. Applicant must be ready to perform his/her duties daily, and come towork prepared with all safety equipment, clothing, food, etc. Applicant must have the ability to daily work with hand tools, whichmay include wrenching with pipe wrenches, tight fittings, small areas,and small hand tools.