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Superior Energy Services Rig Hand - Grand Junction, CO in Grand Junction, Colorado


Service Rig Hand

The following essential functions and related job standards have been prepared for the Company’s Exclusive use and are not intended as an inclusive listing of any job’s responsibilities. These functions and standards may be changed or altered by the Company at any time without notice. The company retains its traditional rights in managing and operating the Company, its facilities, and employees.

Occupation: Hand

General Description of Occupation:

The floor hand is part of a 4-5 person crew who are responsible for performing services on oil wells requested by the customer and specified by the Company. The duties of the Floor Hand include assisting in rigging up/down pulling/laying rods, tubing and casing, and other functions specified by the Operator or other designated individual. All duties are performed in a specified fashion to maximize the safety of the entire crew, along as the oil well being serviced.

Work Schedule:

Number of Days Worked Each Week: 5-7

Total Hours Worked Each Week Including Breaks: 8-80

Time Allowed for Breaks/ Meals: No formal times established; breaks/meals taken as time permits

Essential Functions of Job:

  1. Rigging up and Down. The floor hands will handle guywire (undo from well service rig, drag to anchor, clamp down), hydraulic jacks, pads/boards, and emergency gear including SCBA boxes, fire extinguishers, and H2S monitor. The floor hand will follow the direction of the Derrick Man and Operator or other designated Company official in performing these duties.

Essential Functions of Job (cont.):

Servicing the Well. Each job will be slightly different, but the floor hands will frequently be required to handle tubing, rods, casing, and associated equipment such as rod strippers, polish rods, etc. The floor hands will operate rod wrenches, tongs, elevators, and associated equipment.

Physical Requirements of Job:

  1. Standing and Walking. The floor hands will be required to stand and move about for extended periods. Virtually all duties performed by the floor hands require standing and / or walking.

Surface Conditions. The floor hands will typically stand /walk on the ground surrounding the well, or on the metal grating of the floor. Ground conditions can include mud and obstructions. The presence of oil can create slippery conditions on the floor.

  1. Sitting. Sitting will occur when traveling to or between wells ( riding in crew pickup), when break conditions exist, and occasionally when work near ground level occurs ( for example, when putting flange on well head). An estimated 1 hour per day is spent riding in the crew pickup.

  2. Manual Handling Tasks (Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, Carrying).

Lifting /Carrying . Listed below are some of the heavier objects you will be required to handle as a Floor Hand. The table below lists the object, the weight of the object, the range of the lift (for example: lift from ground), and whether carrying is required. Because of the nature of oil well service jobs, one job may require you to handle a rod polisher, the next may require you to handle tubing, etc., but all of the objects below are handled routinely as part of your Physical Requirements of Job:






Polish Rod

80-135 lb

Lift from Ground


2-3 person lift and carry

Rod Stripper

45-90 lb

Lift to Shoulder level


2 person lift and carry

Wiper Plate

56 lb

Lift to Shoulder level




Mid Chest level


Elevator handled with 1

Hand; very repetitive


Box, 40-80 lb

Lift from ground


2 person lift and carry; 1 hand carry for long distance

H2S Monitor

30 lb

Mid Chest level


Carried for long distance

Fire Extinguisher

35 lb

Lift from Ground


1-hand carry for long


Jack Stand

80 lb

Lift from Ground to Shoulder level


Jack Pads

60-96 lb

Lift from ground to shoulder level


Matting Boards

50 lb

Lift from ground to shoulder level


Tubing (2 7/8”)

80-100 lb

Lift to shoulder level


Lift from Rack to floor

Guide Wire

Lift to shoulder level


Wrapping Wire on Floor

  1. Pulling/ Pushing Objects typically pulled or pushed are listed below, along with the measured force requirements.



Stringing Guywire , 20 lb pull force


Guywire is dragged to the anchor (20 lb pull force), then the wire is pulled taut and clamped

Pulling Tubing,

120-130 lb pull force required

Tubing pulled off rack

  1. Other Physically Demanding Tasks. Some additional physically demanding jobs are described below.

  2. Rod Wrenches. When pulling rods, Rod Wrenches are held in each hand. The wrenches each weigh 10 lb. The wrenches are placed on two connected rods and the wrenches are used to uncouple the rods. To loosen the rods can require a lot of force with the arms, and the task is very repetitive.

  3. Laying Tubing Down. When tubing is being pulled, the floor hand will “catch” the tubing as it is released from the elevator, then slide it on the rack and let it drop. Catching the tube requires the floor hand to very suddenly support the weight of the tubing. Catching the tubing requires both physical strength and skill.

  4. Climbing. Routinely climb up / down stairs to work floor; climbing on well during servicing operations may be necessary.

  5. Required Postures. The following postures are routinely required when performing floor hand tasks

  6. Bending

  7. Above-shoulder work

  8. Shop / Yard Maintenance Duties. Employees shall be required to perform other essential functions while not directly working with the Rig.These may include, lifting, pulling, pushing and carrying differing objects within company owned property.


ID: 2018-2364

Company Name: SPN Well Services, Inc.

Category: Field Operations

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