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Oldcastle SW Group, Inc. Paving Superintendent - Grand Junction, CO - 259579 in Grand Junction, Colorado

Job ID: 259579Our purpose, commitment to thefuture, and formula for growth is to champion the safety, empowerment,and development of our employees. We strive to be The Preferred Source ofquality sand, rock, landscape products, ready-mixed concrete,asphalt, paving and construction services. We succeed as a team by embracingintegrity, mutual respect, innovation, service, sustainability, andfinancial sSUMMARYPlan, direct or coordinate, usually through subordinate personnel,activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of paving projects.Participate in the conceptual development of a paving project and oversee itsorganization, scheduling, budgeting, and implementation. This work isconducted under direction of the Construction Manager by performing thefollowiPosition OverviewEnsure a safe work environment by overseeing compliance with all safetypolicies, conducting toolbox talks and ensuing personnel have theappropriate tools and equipment.Studies production schedules and estimates worker hour requirements forcompleting of job assignment; maintains time and production records.Interprets specifications, blue prints and job orders to workers and assignduties.Daily supervision of multiple paving foreman.Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organizationspolicies and applicable law including but not limited to training employees,planning, assigning and directly work, appraise performance, rewardinganddiscipline employees, addressing complaints and resolving problems.Possess basic computer knowledge in order to become efficient in necessarycomputer programs.Be familiar with paver automation grade and slope control.Be knowledgeable in all aspects of work activities that are beingsupervised, including all paving equipment.May estimate, order and inspect materials. May determine tonnage and type ofasphalt required and inform plants.Confers with customers, plant personnel, other supervisors, andsubcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures,interpreting specifications and coordinating various phases of paving.Inspects work in progress, reviews materials used, and adjusts workschedules as appropriate.Directs appropriate traffic control methods and techniques wherever necessary.Completion of required paperwork on a daily, weekly and as needed basis.Control and operation of the screed on the asphalt paving machineResponsible for making normal operating adjustments for obtaining properdepth, grade and finished cross section.May perform other related duties such as adding or removing screedextensions, installing or removing automatic devices, grade log or otheraccessories associated with the machine.May also perform any and all related duties that pertain to asphalt pavingoperations.Assist construction/paving crew with various duties such as; shoveling,raking and/or running wheelbarrow. Operation of power tools.Other RequirementsAbide by the guiding principles of integrity, communication,recognition, action and results oriented, positive attitude, workethic, growth and development, and commitmentDisplay a professional and courteous attitude to co-workers, supervisors,and the general public at all times.Be able to interact with vendors, construction employees, and differentlevels of managementMust possess a valid drivers license to drive a company vehicle.Must be willing to travel and work away from home when required.Must be willing to work nights and weekends when necessary.Must have experience operating the Screed on an Asphalt Paving Machine.Cleanliness and neatness of all equipment, tools, desks, and computersis a must at all times.Report to the job site ready to begin work at the designated start time.Strict adherence to safety requirements and procedures as outlined in theSafety, Health and Environmental Handbook.Strict adherence to company policies and procedures as outlined in theEmployee Handbook.Willingness to work in a team environment and assist co-workers with otherduties as re