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Mays Concrete Inc Civil Curb and Gutter Formsetter/Finisher in Grand Junction, Colorado

Curb and Gutter FinishersGeneral Purpose of Position: Constructs forms for molding concretestructures. Finish concrete behind curb and gutter machine or after manual setup.Supervision Received: dailySupervision Exercised: occasionalTasks Performed by the Position:Formsetter:1. Studies blueprints and diagrams to determine type and dimension of forms tobe constructed.2. Saws lumber to blueprint dimensions, using handsaw or power saw and nailslumber together to make form panels.3. Erects built-in-place forms or assembles and installs prefabricated formson construction site according to blueprint specifications, using handtools, plumb rule and level.4. May direct crane in placement of forms and guides forms into exactposition.5. Inserts spreaders and tie rods between opposite faces of forms using prybar to maintain specified dimensions.6. Anchors and braces forms to fixed objects, using nails, anchor rods,steel cables, planks and timbers.Finisher:Smooths and finishes surfaces of poured concrete curbs, gutters andsidewalks to specified textures, using hand tools, including floats,trowels and screeds. Signals concrete deliverer to position truck tofacilitate pouring concrete. Moves discharge chute of truck to directconcrete into forms. Spreads concrete into inaccessible sections of forms,using rake or shovel. Levels concrete to specified depth and workableconsistency, using hand held or power screed and floats. Smooths and shapessurfaces of freshly poured concrete, either poured into a form, orextruded from a curb and gutter machine, using straightedge, floatsand/or hand tools. Removes face forms and finishes concrete with trowels.Cuts expansion joints in curbing or sidewalk and specified intervals and moldsjoints and edges, using edging tools, jointers and straightedge. Removesrough or defective spots from concrete surfaces, using power grinder orchisel and hammer, and patches holes with fresh concrete or epoxy compound.May sprinkle coloring powder on concrete to produce prescribed finish. Mayproduce rough concrete surface, using broom. May use shovel or related toolsto produce subgrade and/or finish grade. May break up and repair oldconcrete surfaces, using pneumatic tools. May install stakes at specifiedintervals, and pull string line for use by curb gutter machine, and removesame.Position Requirements:1. Minimum Education and Experience: must have working knowledge ofgrades, screeding, floating, finishing concrete slabs, curbs, etc. 2years experience preferred.2. Tools, Equipment, or Machines Required to Operate: must own personalhand tools. Must be able to operate power saws and other powered equipment.3. Physical Requirements:General: walk, stand, sit, use hands to finger, handle or feelobjects or tools, reach with hands and arms, talk, listen, hear,read, see, lift, bend, climb in/out of equipment, climb ladders or forms.Lifting: 80 to 100 pounds at least one time daily or as necessary,possibly several times daily.Exposure to Elements: sun, wind, dust, rain, mud, snow,ice,cold, heat, noise.Handling of Dangerous Equipment: loaders, small cranes (boomtrucks), powered hand tools.Risk of Assault or Injury: normal construction hazards.Other Hazardous Working Conditions: unknown.Scheduled Work Hours: Monday - Friday, usually 6:30-7:00 am to3-3:30 pm unless directed by supervisor. Some Saturday and overtime workmay be required.Apply online.