LSI Corporation Manufacturing Supervisor in Fort Collins, Colorado

JOB DESCRIPTION: MANUFACTURING SUPERVISOR: Manages employees of high performance process team(s) so that shortand long-term production commitments and process development plans can be metand/or exceeded. Responsible for actively managing multiple Fab and Test production linesfor optimum throughput while exhibiting and communicating a strong advocacyfor safe working practices and quality of product. Participates in cross-functional projects communicating and workingclosely with a peer supervisor group and other representatives from themanufacturing support teams. Responsible for team(s) typically consisting of 5-20 persons. Teamswork in clean room and ESD environments where various products for wirelessdevices are fabricated and tested. Training plan for the supervisor mayinclude a rotation of in-Fab/Test hands-on execution of operating processesand procedures. Responsible to provide leadership to the team and facilitate thedevelopment and implementation of training plans and strategies to meetbusiness commitments. Responsible for performance management and facilitatescontinuous learning and process improvement. Teams work 12 hour Alternative Work Schedules. This is a salariedposition that may include working Saturdays and/or Sundays. The supervisorwill exhibit flexibility in their work schedule as some training and regularon-going responsibilities may occur or extend outside of the assigned shifthours. Management has the discretion to periodically review supervisor roles andassignments as business need dictates and adjust as necessary. MINIMUM EDUCATION/REQUIREMENTS: Associate degree or equivalent related work experience. This leadershipposition requires solid communication, basic project management, andpeople management skills ORGANIZATIONAL PLACEMENT: Typically reports to the Production Manager or equivalent. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The responsibilities and duties herein are not intended to be allinclusive. There will be other duties as assigned. In addition all Broadcomemployees are expected to: 1. Coach and facilitate team s interpersonal conflict resolution, teamdecision making and group problem solving. Provide a calming presence in crisis or conflict. Be connected andinformed. Coach team members through interpersonal situations. Train and coach team members to develop team decision making processes. Consult with teams in problem solving. Encourage team based exercises. Teach team members methods to gain access to information they need. Model effective interpersonal relationships/skills. Continually transfer skills to teams to help them become increasinglyself-reliant. Help team members develop leadership skills. Promote a single shift mentality by removing barriers between shiftsand teams. 2. Facilitate teams utilizing a variety of techniques dealing with groupissues, defining group norms, and proposing methods to help team focus onand meeting their objectives. Coach teams through establishing and measuring team metrics. Help teams set common goals and align to a common plan to achieve thegoals. Facilitate, coach and teach skills that help teams achieve theirgoals. Reward meeting goals. When goals are not met - guide teams through corrective action.Challenge complacency. Assure non-performance is appropriately corrected. Help align team efforts to customer needs. Reduce the barriers betweencustomer/team. Propose methods to help team focus on the critical few objectives forsuccess. Help teams adopt the meeting code of conduct and develop meetingmechanics skills. Provide teams with feedback on behavior and Business Team performanceissues. Provide teams with processes (not answers). Support the cultural shift from individual focus to teamwork and teameffectiveness. 3. Facilitate according to Broadcom objectives, policies andg