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City Of Durango Wastewater Plant Manager in Durango, Colorado

Wastewater Treatment Plant ManagerDuties:The Wastewater treatment plant superintendent leads a team of operators in thecollection and treatment ofwastewater for the City of Durango. The position is generally responsible forthe operation and maintenance of theSanta Rita Water Reclamation Facility and directs the day-to-day operations ofthe wastewater treatment staff at thefacility in conjunction with the plant supervisor. The superintendent hasresponsibility to both ensures compliance withall federal, state and local regulations by performance of all necessaryregular and technical tasks to receive, sample,treat and discharge of clean water back to the Animas River; as well asensure appropriate maintenance and operationof the treatment plant as an asset for the City of Durango.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:1. Lead the team in the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater treatmentfacility, providing guidance,training, and leadership to achieve the goals of the facility.2. Plan, prioritize, assign, supervise and review the work of staffresponsible for providing operation andmaintenance services for the City's wastewater treatment plant; to ensurefacility compliance with federal, stateand local rules, laws and regulations; oversee source protection, supplyprocessing, distribution and meteringof water.3. Participate in recruitment, selection, hiring, training, evaluationand all personnel management of operation andmaintenance staff.4. Provide as the Certified Operator in Responsible Charge of the City'sdomestic wastewater treatment facility inaccordance with all state and federal requirements.5. Provide technical oversight for operations, review and evaluatewastewater operational logs, process andanalyze data to evaluate plant and related facilities efficiency,effectiveness and compliance with wastewaterregulations.6. Prepare and complete all necessary reports and reporting to internal andexternal partners, including but notlimited to State of Colorado Department of Public Health, and the USEnvironmental Protection Agency.7. Develop, maintain and continually improve a written operating plan foroperations and activities at the facility.8. Assist in development and implementation of goals and objectives of theDivision and Department in line withCity Council goals.9. Participate in the development and administration of the division budget;submit budget recommendations;monitor expenditures and complete capital planning projects.10. Monitor and interpret laboratory and operational data; ensure treatmentprocesses and water quality tests meetall regulatory demands.11. Develop, implement and improve a safety program for the operations ofthe treatment facility to includeunderstanding and management of common hazards present in such a facility.12. Perform a variety of record keeping and reporting functions on plant andcollections operations;13. Actively check facilities and equipment for needed maintenance andrepairs; coordinate and conductmaintenance functions; work with outside contractors, as necessary;ensure work quality conforms to allFederal, State and local standards.14. Supervise the maintenance and use of time, material and equipment;prepare specifications for material and2 of 3equipment purchases requisition supplies and materials; maintain preventivemaintenance records.15. Maintain Equipment in accordance with all equipment technical manuals,conduct regular equipment checks toensure all maintenance is properly completed in a timely manner.16. Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries andcomplaints.Other Duties:1. Encourage and ensure the adherence to safe work practices by personnel.2. Perform other related duties and responsibilities as required.Supervisory Responsibilities: This position supervises the Chief PlantOperator and all Wastewater PlantOperators.Wage: $80,616 - $88,677/year depending on qualifications.Benefits:YesDays and Hours: days and hours will be discussed during interview. Will