City Of Durango Mechanic II (Open until filled) in Durango, Colorado

Mechanic II (Open until filled)DutiesTo perform major and minor mechanical repairs on all vehicle and equipmentsystems including diesel engines; to perform diagnostic activities forvehicle repair; and to maintain and repair a variety of maintenanceequipment including but not limited to public transportation vehicles,construction equipment, heavy trucks, emergency response vehicles, lighttrucks, passenger cars and fire/police vehicles with electronic radio /light bar systems. This is the senior journeyman level class within the Mechanic series.Employees within this class perform the full range of duties as assignedincluding major mechanical repair within the City's established standards asdetermined by the Facilities/Equipment Supervisor. A thorough understandingof computer equipment diagnosis is also required. Employees at this levelreceive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situationsarise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies of thework unit. Employees at this level are expected to conduct themselvesprofessionally while individually supporting the department's goals andobjectiEssential Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Inspect, diagnose and repair mechanical, computer/electrical andhydraulic / pneumatic defects and problems in public transportationvehicles, construction equipment, heavy trucks, emergency responsevehicles, light trucks, passenger cars, turf equipment, and othermechanical eq 2. Perform accurate measurements and disseminate tolerances. Design,fabricate and install specialty devices for fleet and emergency responsevehicles. 3. Analyze vehicle and equipment failures utilizing computer and analogdiagnostic equipment; determine problems and causes; recommend solutions.Diagnostic requirements include but are not limited to: computer aidedhydraulic, pneumatic, ABS and traction control, drive train chassis andbrakes. 4. Perform a variety of minor and major vehicle and equipment repairincluding engine overhaul, chassis and suspension repair, air conditioningrepair, and electrical repair activities. This will also involve pneumaticsystems, electronic controlled engines, gasoline, L.P.G. and dieselengines, electronic controlled transmissions, and both hydraulic andpneumatic anti-lock brake and traction control systems.12. Adhere to safety precautions.Tools: Must possess complete set of hand tools through 3/4" drive socket,American and metric.Knowledge of: Principles and practices of inspection, troubleshooting and repair ofinternal combustion and diesel engines. Automotive and construction maintenance equipment. Electrical and hydraulic systems. Shop tools and equipment used in repairs. Arc and oxyacetylene welding techniques. Computer diagnostics (of automotive, heavy trucks and constructionequipment) Safe work practices.Ability to: Operate a variety of automotive and equipment repair tools and equipment in asafe and effective manner. Troubleshoot and diagnose problems and causes in automotive, dieselconstruction and related systems. Diagnose the most complex mechanical problems of all fleet vehicles, andheavy and light maintenance equipment. Use fleet maintenance software program to update work order information. Research repairs, parts status, and technical information. Repair electronic components and air conditioning systems. Perform complex diagnostic and repair services. Understand and follow oral and written instructions. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contactedin the course of work. Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned dutiesand responsibilities.Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception needed forsuccessful job performance.RequirementsRequires successful completion of pre-employment drug test, background andmotor vehicle checks. Drug Free/EOE.Education or Formal Training and Licenses: Graduation from an accredited v