McCarthy Building Companies Journeyman Electrician in DENVER, Colorado

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.Position Summary:Performs all electrical tasks without general supervision, possessesJourneyman license where required, has the ability to read blueprints,terminate cable, install and troubleshoot control wiring from diagram, isable to demonstrate factors exceeding commercial electrician and electricalhelKey Responsibilities & Qualifications1. Layout, bend, thread, and install conduit.2. Layout and install cable tray.3. Install and terminate wire and cable.4. Layout and install switchgear, switchboards, and electrical devices.5. Layout and rough-in ceilings and walls.6. Understand motors and controls.7. Troubleshoot electrical devices with drawings and schematics.8. Proficient knowledge of voltage, amperage, insulation resistance, continuity, and ohm meter electrical testers.9. Fully comprehends electrical theory and National Electrical Code.10. Have full complement of personal hand tools at all times.11. Comprehends and adheres to company policy safe work practices.McCarthy is proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employerregardless of race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, genderidentity, religious beliefs, marital status, genetic information,national origin, disability or protected veteran status.Apply onlinePI103740112