Ford Audio Video Systems, LLC Job Superintendent in Denver, Colorado

With safety and quality workmanship as a priority, the Job Superintendentoversees the job site installation of the audio, video, and lightingsystems, as sold and to the satisfaction of the customer. The jobresponsibilities include: managing a crew of 2 to 6 installers; pullingwire; harness racks, patch bays and consoles; erecting and disassemblingscaffolding; installing equipment; testing and trouble-shooting wiring andequiPrevious experience with construction, electronics, an ability to work atheights, on lifts & ladders, and prior experience working with powertools is required; solid leadership, good communication skills, and theability to travel, as well as high standards for personal integrity, workethic, professional presentation, and quality work are also required. Thesuccessful candidate is driven by quality customer service and is seeking along-term employment opportunity. The ability to play a musical instrumentand/ or read music as well as a personal interest in electronics, music,sound, lighting, video, and/or security systems is preferred. Ford AVoffers competitive salary and benefits.