HDR, Inc. Construction QAR in Denver, Colorado

Construction QARConstruction QAR (150200)About UsAt HDR, we specialize in engineering, architecture,environmental and construction services. While we are most well-known foradding beauty and structure to communities through high-performance buildingsand smart infrastructure, we provide much more than that. We create anunshakable foundation for progress because our multidisciplinary teams alsoinclude scientists, economists, builders, analysts and artists. That'swhy we believe diversity is our greatest strength. HDR is proud to be an equalopportunity workplace and an affirmative action employer.We believe that the way we work can add meaning and value to the world. Thatideas inspire positive change. That coloring outside the lines can illuminatefresh perspectives. And that small details yield important realizations. Aboveall, we believe that collaboration is the best way forward.Primary ResponsibilitiesIn the role of Construction QAR, we'll count onyou to:* Maintain surveillance over one or more contract construction projects ofroutine and/or complex nature for a Resident/Area Office at one or morework sites, usually involving more than one contractor (depending upon thesize and scope of projects assigned). Projects may include theconstruction, rehabilitation and/or renovation of barracks complexes,family housing, commissary and PX facilities, administrative usestructures, classrooms, mess halls, gymnasiums, chapels, roads,parking areas, streets, bridges, general utility systems (includingheating, air conditioning, electrical, etc.); dispensaries;various special use single or multiple-story buildings such as laboratories,hospitals training facilities, etc.; warehouses and maintenancefacilities; runway extensions; and appurtenant facilities; some projectsmaybe of civil works nature like levees, dams, and other natural resourcesproj* Review contract plans and specifications to determine job work requirementsand time schedules.* Prepare daily reports covering quality assurance inspections in accordancewith current requirements.* Review quality control reports and resolve conflicts with quality assurancereports and conditions.* Interact with the contractor's safety personnel and monitor theimplementation of safe working conditions.* Perform other duties as needed.QualificationsRequired Qualifications* High School diploma or equivalent* 10 years experience* Knowledge of USACE Quality Assurance Process* Knowledge of USACE Safety Protocols - EM 385-1-1* Ability to conduct construction inspections & understanding of three phaseinspection process* General knowledge of Government Construction Management Software - RMS* Complete a successful background check, as well as having, or being ableto obtain in a reasonable time, the required government clearances toperform the responsibilities HDR has been contracted to perform. In some casesthis could mean, but is not limited to a CAC card, network access and/orrestricted area badges.* Must be willing to relocate to assignment location* Strong written communication skills* Ability to work independently and as part of a team* An attitude and commitment to being an active participant of our employeeowned culture is a must.* Microsoft Office SuitePreferred Qualifications* Technical School or Associate Degree* Relevant Industry Certifications* Candidates with construction experience with medical facilities aredesired.* Ability to interpret Construction Schedules and DrawingsWhy HDRAt HDR, we know work isn't only about who you work for; it's alsoabout what you do and how you do it. Led by the strength of our values and aculture shaped by employee ownership, we network with each other, build oneach other's contributions, and collaborate together to make great thingspossible. When you join HDR, we give you license to do the same. We help youtake charge of your career, giving you multiple growth opportunities along theAt HDR, we are committed to the principles of employment equity.USA: We