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Mastec Services Group XNET Underground Foreman in Colorado Springs, Colorado

XNET Underground Foreman (37089)SEFNCO is a proud supporter of our U.S. military, veterans and theirfamilies - Thank You for Your Service! Active military, transitioningservice members and veterans are strongly encouraged to apply. MOS Codes65W1, 65W3, 65W4, 65WX relate well to this position SEFNCO Communications gives you the opportunity to become a part of anengaging and growing industry. As a Construction Foreman, you will havethe opportunity to utilize your skill set, work in a safety-mindedenvironment, and join us in expanding technology for a better community.SEFNCO Communications takes great pride in providing engineering,construction, and design and management solutions that meet the growingtelecommunications needs throughout the United States. Join our fast-growingteam of professionals and help us provide the highest level of quality serviceto our customers and communities while maintaining our commitment to safety!Make it Safe, Make it Personal, Make it Home. The XNET Underground Foreman leads the crew to complete daily tasks relatedto product connection for cable or fiber to be placed for service, ensuringcrew safety, keeping track of employee hours, completing daily and weeklysafety briefings/inspections, and calling in project utility locations. Inaddition, this role reads blueprints of projects and is responsible forproduction. This position oversees the Line team and works with personnel fromother departments.Essential Functions 1. Obtain all necessary licenses, permits, and materials for each job. 2. Oversee, accomplish, and ensure all work quality related to eachproject and assume full responsibility for its standard and timeliness. 3. Coordinate and delegate daily tasks to crew members related to digging andplacing product. 4. Gain entry to site buildings for work crew and call in utilities locatedat each project site. 5. Facilitate daily toolbox talks and weekly safety inspections to ensure thecrews work safely. 6. Complete all paperwork in a timely manner. 7. Train new hires and trainees to learn the trade. 8. Track employee hours, turning them in on time. 9. Drive, haul, and/or operate equipment to/from job sites to assistcrews in completion of work. 10. Keep the job(s) moving on time, clean up, and perform jobrestoration at the end of job. 11. Perform other duties as required and/or assigned.QualificationsMinimum Qualifications1. A High School Degree, or equivalent with 8 years of telecommunicationsexperience.2. 2 years of supervisory experience.3. Possess a CDL Class A license.4. Understanding of advanced electrical principles, including knowledge ofelectricity and how to safely work around it.5. Knowledge of customer's specifications, being able to read andinterpret prints.6. Proficiency in all phases of line construction.7. Compliance with proper safety standards, procedures, and work practicesaccording to MasTec and/or project customer, whichever standard is higher.8. Ability to talk with customers' inspectors and have a sense of customerservice.9. Experience in operating heavy equipment and general construction.10. Clarity of vision at 20 feet or more or 20 inches or less, with theability to judge distance and space relationships.11. Precise hand-eye coordination.12. Ability to identify and distinguish colors.13. Ability to work outdoors, even in extreme weather conditions.Preferred Qualifications1. 10 or more years of experience.2. OSHA 10 certification.3. Excavator training.Physical Demands and Work EnvironmentThis job operates in a field environment. This role routinely requiresextended periods of bending, squatting, climbing, kneeling, pushing,pulling, lifting, lifting in awkward positions, standing, twisting,reaching above shoulder level, working in confined spaces, working off apole or in a bucket. Also, this role works in inclement weatherconditions, such as extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, ice, snow,and wind for 10 hour work days, with breaks. During storms this role maywork in these co