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Lighthouse Automotive Journeyman Technician in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Purpose of PositionThe purpose of the Journeyman Technician is to have a highly trained andknowledgeable employee able to diagnose, inspect, repair, serviceand/or overhaul vehicle problems and maintenance.QualificationsAll Journeyman Technicians must be able to clearly demonstrate their physicaland mental ability to perform services as well as detailed minor repairs.They must conduct every aspect of their job in an ethical manner. They musthave the ability to explain the work needed to the service advisor/managerand to work well under pressure.All Journeyman Technicians must meet or exceed the standards set by theindustry recognized trade organizations. Journeyman Technicians must be ASECertified within two years of being hired and must complete mastercertification within four years of being hired.Journeyman Technicians are required to have all of the necessary hand toolsneeded to efficiently perform their duties. They must also have the abilityand willingness to attend training classes. All Technicians must be able towork a minimum and produce a minimum of 40 hours per week on a regular basis.Areas of ResponsibilityThe technician's responsibilities include, but are not limited to, adedication to the company's mission statement, to company profitabilityand to 100% customer satisfaction. Also, responsible for following thecompany policies and procedures as outlined here, in the employee manual andin task-specific procedures.Must work well with others as a team toward a common goal. He/she will haveall work checked by a service advisor/manager before being turned in ascompleted.Must commit to continuously educate them through industry recognize classes,seminars, and tests to keep up with changes in the industry and new vehicles.Minimum Standard of PerformanceDiagnosis - Prior to performance any diagnostic procedures it is requiredthat the technicians have a clear understanding of the customer complaint andthat the necessary permission to perform the work has been granted. Beforerecommending and teardowns, disassembly or internal inspection, thetechnician must assure that the customer complaint cannot be resolved by anexternal service, adjusted repair.Documentation - All diagnostic procedures, findings, recommendations andservices performed will be properly noted and documented in compliance withthe procedures outlines by management.Mechanical Services - All adjustments, repairs, and services will beperformed in a manner as outlined in a recognized, professional publication. At no time will a minor (lesser) service be recommended when a moreserious condition exists or when the performance of a minor service manyworsen a pre-existing condition or cause a mechanical failure.Replace Components - When specific on technician's worksheet, allreplaced components will be saved for return to the customer. When notspecified, replaced components will be saved until the day after a vehicleis delivered (pick-up).Final Test Drive - All vehicles are to be inspected and test driven for thepurpose pf assuring that the customer complaint has been alleviated. Allvehicles are to be rechecked to assure the service was done in a professionalmanner and the vehicle has been cleaned and readied for customer delivery.Specific Duties:Daily:- Immediate response to cleaning up spills. (Refer to Procedure)- Procedure 8+ billable hours.- Follow procedure.- Clean-up after them.- Keep shop equipment clean and in good working condition.- Use Mitchell Repair, All -Data, Identifix, Auto Vitals software,and service and repair information.- Use Auto Vitals and Napa Tracs software to research customer history.- Assist other technicians as needed.- Communicate needed up sells in a timely fashion, in clear writing (seetech worksheet procedure).- Communicate with customers about specific problems/diagnosis, withhelp from service advisor/manager.Weekly:- Clean tools and toolbox.- Attend shop meetings as required.- Assist with advertising efforts as required.Month