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Emcor Group HVAC Tech in Colorado Springs, Colorado

DescriptionAbout Us:EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS), an EMCOR core business, services over1 billion square feet of commercial space across the United States. Fromcorporate campuses to single sites, EFS provides a range of services thatsupport mission-critical areas of financial services, manufacturing,pharmaceutical, transportation, and education sectors.Job Title: HVAC TechnicianJob Summary:Responsible for delivering effective, efficient, and timely delivery ofthe Company's line of services to multiple customers within an assignedgeographic territory. Is provided a company van and tools and travels to avariety of customer sites to maintain commercial properties. In addition toperforming minor carpentry, plumbing and electrical maintenance, EMCORField Operations HVAC Technicians perform preventative, corrective andpredictive maintenance, troubleshoot and service of commercial HVAC systems.HVAC Technicians perform tests and analysis of data to assure the properfunctioning of equipment and provide recommendations as appropriate.Understands control operation, and sequence of operation for commercial HVACsystems. Utilizes multiple trade skills such as carpentry, plumbing,electrical, painting, and roofing, HVAC, and other skills as needed tosolve maintenance problems. Has strong communication skills and is able tofoster strong relationships with customers, vendors and team members.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Complete thorough Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services on all standardpackage and split unit HVAC systems that are common among EFO's lightcommercial customers including but not limited to: inspection andrepair/replacement of belts and pulleys, inspection and cleaning ofcondensate drain lines, testing power/performance of compressor, fanmotor, blower motor, testing function and safety of burners/heatexchangers, function of all safety and operational controls.General repairs of steam/hot water boiler systems. Diagnose airflow andducting repairs.Safe, efficient, and EPA compliant use of refrigerants in support ofstandard package and split unit HVAC systems that are common among EFO'slight commercial customers.Safely diagnose and repair common mechanical, electrical, or systemfailure issues on standard boiler, package and split unit HVAC systems thatare common among EFO's light commercial customers, including but notlimited to: belts, pulleys, compressors, condensing units, circuityboards, contactors, leaks, safely un-sweating and brazing of coppercomponents.Complete preventative maintenance and repairs per work order requirements.Self performs the following duties in compliance company procedures,regulatory requirements and safety standards.Perform minor plumbing maintenance on existing systems (e.g. unclog toiletsand drains, repair leaks in drains and faucets, replace toilets and faucetfixtures as needed, etc.).Perform routine painting, carpentry work, etc., as necessary to maintainour Client's facilities in like new condition (e.g. repair a hole indry-wall, prep the area, and match the paint to present a uniform andoriginal like new appearance).Perform minor electrical maintenance as allowed without a license within statelaw requirements (e.g. repair or replacement of fixtures, wall switches,and outlets. Replace light bulbs, ballasts and sockets if necessary).Complete service inspections and asset inspections as needed.Fully utilizes technology (tablet, smartphone) to:Access and complete work orders including notes on services provided.Create and submit Service Reports and Quality Inspection images and reports.Submit timesheets, expense reports, and purchase card logs.Obtains necessary materials and supplies to complete all tasks.Creates a positive climate with the client, provides and generates customersatisfaction. Maintains timely and consistent communications with customer andinternal support teams.Obtains and completes EFS required safety and compliance training and attendsweekly safety meetings.Provides