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LinQuest Licensed Master /Journeyman Electrician, #3780 in Aurora, Colorado

DescriptionLinQuest Corporation is seeking a Licensed master/journeyman electrician tojoin our team at Buckley Air Force Base. The ideal candidate will possessexcellent communication skills as well as a proven skill/knowledge ofelectrician duties/functions. The candidate will work closely withgovernment personnel as well as other LinQuest employees who perform PowerPro, HVAC and EMCS duties. LinQuest believes our employees are our mostvaluable asset. Our work environment is collaborative and dynamic. LinQuestteam members take pride in their work and their ability to make a differencein the world and the mission of the 460th Space Wing.Responsibilities:Installs, repairs or replaces, modifies, loads, and tests new andexisting electrical lines, circuits, systems, fixtures, panels,switches, breakers, and controls located in and near installationbuildings, and structures associated with test cell facilities in directsupport of National Defense programs and equipment. Maintains and operatessecondary switchgear, Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS), ProgrammableLogic Controllers (PLC's) Systems and associated batteries,distribution lines, 2000 kVA (Kilo Volt Amperes) and larger electricalload centers providing technical and utility power. Works on secondarydistribution lines and circuits used to supply distribution panels,switchgears, power and control circuits, electrical intrusion alarm andfire alarm systems; emergency warning systems; cathodic protectionsystems; high intensity lighting systems; and related equipment.Maintains, operates, and repairs medium voltage 4160V electricaldistribution systems and components for the site's 4 megawatt dieselgenerator utility plant. Uses metrics to anticipate and respond quickly tosystems and equipment. Tests and maintains diesel generators for properelectriTroubleshoots problem areas and specialized equipment test cells by inspectingfor defective equipment and faulty wiring. Works from building plans,blueprints, wiring diagrams, engineering drawings, and maintenance andrepair manuals to recommend proper repairs and/or replacements. Please notethat there are a large number of system schematics that do not currentlyexist. Test, repairs, modifies and overhauls a variety of equipment suchas AC/DC motors, alternators, transformers, generators, remotecontrols, relays, power control panels, and electrically poweredequipment. Tests for and diagnoses malfunctions using whatever means necessaryto effectively diagnose, correct the malfunction and return the equipment tofull operation at the OEM specifications. Locates the causes ofmalfunctions, recommends repairs required, disassembles where necessary,repairs or replaces worn or damaged parts, reassembles and test equipmentfor pWill be proficient in the use of all associated electrical table tools knowingthe correct electrical tools associated with the type of electrical work beingperformed to include specialized test equipment and software programs.Utilizes safety practices and procedures following established safety rulesand regulations and maintains a safe and clean work environment. Uses andassures proper fit of required PPE safety equipment and clothing. Follows andadheres to NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplaceguidelines. Attends and stays compliant with security, safety, OSHA, andcode compliance training and promptly informs the supervisor of any accidentsand/or damages to supplies or equipment or of any observed unsafe practicesand/or procedures in accordance with established policies and procedures.Required Skills:Extensive knowledge of national, state, and local codePositive team spirit and flexible attitude regarding change, delays, orunexpected events - - Exhibit sound and accurate judgment and use timeefficienAbility to work independentlyHighest level of compliance with safety and security proceduresAbility to transport materials and equipment to complete assigned job tasks(up to 50 pounds frequently and up to 100 pounds