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Prescient Co Inc. Welder 2nd Shift in Arvada, Colorado

2nd Shift - M-TH 4:30pm to 1:00am, FR 2:30pm to 11:00pmOverview/Objective Summary: Position is responsible for the proper,effective and safe fitting and joining of panels and variouscomponents/parts together w/ select welding processes and procedures.Competencies:1.Performance: Safety, Quality, Accuracy, Timeliness, Reliabilityand Thoroughness of work performed.2.Results Focused- Achieve/Exceed targets and goals w/in determinedtimeframe and quality expectations.3.Attn. to Detail- Thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task w/concern for all areas involved.4.Basic Aptitude- Ability to learn, adapt, understand and solve problems.5.Teamwork- Work w/ others towards accomplishing dept objectives.6.Valuing Diversity- Creates an atmosphere of valuing and accepting others.7.Professionalism/Communication- The ability to behave professionallyw/ all levels of the organization. High standards and good communicationskills w/ colleagues and others.Essential Duties/Responsibilities: Support production, safety/quality programs by following rules,established processes and proper work procedures as defined by the mgr.,written procedure or Digital Mfg Order (DMO). Welds galvanized steel in a flat and horizontal position. Set-up eqpmt. and weld components using gas-shielded arc and spot- weldingeqpmt. Set up of welding eqpmt. is accomplished via referencing the PrescientWelding Procedure Specification which outlines the proper settings for theeqpmt. Ensure all eqpmt. is properly set-up and used in a safe manner and allsafety devices are in use. Analyze blueprints, specifications, work orders, and MDS sheets toplan welding operations. Position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior toassembly/tacking and/or welding. Chip or grind off excess weld, or spatter, using portable grinders. Wear the proper PPE including FR shirt, welding helmet, respirator,weld gloves, weld sleeves, weld bibs (if desired), safety glasses,steel toed boots and hearing protection. Determine Req'd eqpmt. and welding methods via established workprocedures including the Prescient Welding Procedure Specification and applyproper welding techniques. Operate manual or semi-automatic welding eqpmt. to fuse metal segments,using processes such as, gas metal arc welding, w/in the parametersoutlined in work procedures. Inspect welded joints to ensure welds meet standard reqt's and spray thewelds w/ galv spray as Req'd. Examines work pieces for defects. Monitor welding processes to avoid overheating parts, warping,shrinking, distortion, or expansion of material. Brush welds as Req'd to facilitate Cert Weld Insp (CWI) inspectionand repair welds as directed by the CWI. Repairs product by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, andreassembling parts. Detect faulty operation of eqpmt or defective materials and notify supervisors. Proper use and technique of operating overhead crane to maneuver componentsfor welding. Maintain good attendance and punctuality Other job related duties as may be necessary to carry out theresponsibilities of this position.Other Duties/Responsibilities: Work to continuously improve the ops of the dept through Lean activitiesand improvement suggestions. Perform other duties as assigned by the mgr., including housekeeping andwork in production areas.Min. Requirements/Exp.: HS diploma or 6 mos - 1 year of related experience and/or training; orequivalent combination of education and experience. Welding cert. highly preferred Ability to read and interpret blueprints Ability to MIG weld Ability to use hand tools such as grinder, bander, and pliers Ability to use tape measure, box caliper, and micrometer Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out instructionsfurnished in written, oral or diagram form. Able to work shift hours, weekends and OT as necessary.Work Environment: This position operates in an industrial mfg environmentthat is not climate controlled and experiences changing temps, noises fromthe use of industrial eqpmt. and atmospheric