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Accudyne Industries, LLC Balancer - Machinist in Arvada, Colorado

It's fun to work in a company where people truly BELIEVE in what they aredoing!Intermediate Level:Duties and ResponsibilitiesSet up and operate numerous balance tools to precision tolerances fromblueprints and sketches. Maintain all process documentation.Primary work will be on a Hofmann Balancer. Slides drive belt over shaft ofworkpiece or moves drive wheel against workpiece to connect power source thatrotates workpiece.Starts machine to rotate workpiece at specified speed.Moves controls of machine to locate points of imbalance indicated by lightbeam from strobe lamp on identification marks of workpiece, position of wavecrest of trace pattern on oscilloscope screen, or readings on wattmeter andprotractor dialComputes amount of weight to be removed from workpiece, or changes size andlocation of test weight until zero reading is indicated on ammeterDrills or grinds metal from heavy side to light side to correct imbalance,using grinders and drill press.Works with a broad range of materials (stainless, hardened steel, exotics)Performs inspection of product using such equipment as micrometers, dialindicators, surface plate and associated accessories, bench comparators,profilometers, optical comparators, etc. as required to assure compliance.Utilizes safe working habits and is conscientious to not endanger self,others, equipment or property. Maintains work area in a neat and orderlymanner to minimize unsafe conditions.Strives to maintain high personal productivity level and performs otherrelated duties as assigned as well as training other employees when necessary.Performs standard work and processesMust be able to work independently to meet customer demands and manageworkload of departmentAble to learn and apply new information and concepts within the technical areaAble to describe tasks and processesAble to identify problems (RCA) and collaborate with team membersQualifications3-5 years of experienceHS Diploma or GED requiredCOP (Certified Operation Program) requiredMust have a high degree of mechanical ability and machine expertiseThe ability to read and interpret GD.and.T, complex engineering drawingsGood understanding of how vibration effects balance and the end product.If you like growth and working with happy, enthusiastic over-achievers,you'll enjoy your career with us!Sundyne is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants willreceive consideration for employment without regard to sex, race, color,religion, national origin, age, marital status, politicalaffiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information,disability or protected veteran status. We are committed to providing aworkplace free of any discrimination or harassment.